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What are my Hobbies?

I used to have the time to do all those things a lot, now I have family commitments and live far away from my role playing group... so I do whatever I can squeeze in.


I had fun creating Chubbiez/Full Figure Cartoon Dolls.

Now I usually make stuff for avatars on IMVU instead.

Melt and Pour Soap Crafting

I like to make bars of soap using beeswax as an additive. It is all natural, and helps to make your skin soft. Want a few Recipes?

Magic: The Gathering

Now instead of my roleplaying games, I collect Magic cards and play with my partner, who collects cards as well. I even got my son to start collecting cards and would play games with him and my daughter too. Most Saturdays you will find my partner and me having our MtG game night with our friends.

You can find some of my decks listed here: Wendigoths Decks @ TappedOut.net

Role Playing

Role Playing used to be my fave hobby. I used to game every Saturday, now I can't. I moved and just don't have time to find another great group of guys. (My friends are Dan, Gary, and Jason... I miss you guys!)

We played Mage: The Ascension, Vampire: The Masquerade, Vampire: The Dark Ages, Werewolf: The Apocalypse, EarthDawn, Prime Directive, and some others.

Dan ran our main Werewolf campaign. My character, Raena, was a lupus (wolf), and had a litter of pups. Through the use of a mystic urn, they are all expected to be of the changing breed.

Gary ran our main Vampire campaign. I played an 8th generation Daughter of Cacophony, Koren's Page! Gary also ran Prime Directive, a Star Trek game based in the time period of the first t.v. show. (Wasn't Captain Kirk great?)

Jason ran our main Mage campaign. I play a Dreamspeaker, Terra's Page!

For our EarthDawn campaign we decided to run it troupe style. We all took turns, each one running an adventure for our characters. It was the first game that we tried running in this way, and it was a big success. I ran an adventure centered in the Blood Wood, with terribly beautiful Blood Elves.

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