What is Sekhmet's Pride?

This is Melissa's online sanctuary, which may eventually become an oasis for Sekhmet's entire pride. But for now, it's just me.

I am:
  1. A phoenix, constantly changing, dying to myself and being reborn.
  2. Called Missy by my family or Mel by friends.
  3. Usually known online as Takhausekhmet, NefertSatSekhmet, Wendigoth, or LissaBee.
  4. A thirty-something year-old female.
  5. Mother to 3 wonderful children.
  6. Someone who likes to share my Poetry.
  7. Interested in many Hobbies.
  8. An Eclectic Kemetic/Tameran Pagan and an unorthodox Kemetic Orthodox Shemsu.
  9. A maker of Kemetic Prayer Beads.

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