Epithets of Sekhmet

Sekhmet, in glory

A collection of many titles of Sekhmet.

She Who Is Powerful
She Whose Opportunity Escapeth Her Not

Great One of Healing
Great One of Heaven
Great One of Heka
Great One of the Incense of the Ennead
Great One of Laws
Great One of Magic
Great One of the Place of Appearances in Silence
Great One of the Places of Judgement and Execution

Beloved of Ra, Her Father
Beloved of Bast, Her Sister
Beloved of Ptah, Her Husband-Brother

Ruler of the Chamber of Flames
Ruler of the Desert
Ruler of Lions
Ruler of Serpents And Of Dragons

The Adorable One
The Bountiful One
The Curled One
The Devouring One
The Encircling One
The Enrapturing One
The Ever-Burning One
The Flaming One
The Gleaming One
The Golden One
The Great One
The Incomparable One
The Loyal One
The Luminous One
The Mighty One
The Only One
The Powerful One
The Pure One
The Sparkling One
The Sublime One
The Terrible One
The Unwavering One
The Winged One

The One Who Gives Joys
The One Who Holds Back Darkness
The One Who Leads Humans
The One Who Loves Ma'at and Who Detests Evil
The One Who Presides Over the Country
The One Who Reduceth to Silence
The One Who Rouseth the People
The One Who Terrifies the Gods by Her Massacre
The One Who Terrorizes the Two Lands with Her Fear
The One Who Travels in Lightning
The One Who Was Before The Netjeru Were

Lady of the Acacia
Lady of All Powers
Lady of the Bloodbath
Lady of Bright Red Linen
Lady of Darkness
Lady of Enchantments
Lady of Flame
Lady of Heaven
Lady of the House Of Books
Lady of the House of Life
Lady of Humanity
Lady of Intoxications
Lady of Jubilation
Lady of Ladies
Lady of Life
Lady of Life within Wadjet
Lady of the Manifold Adornments
Lady of the Many Faces
Lady of the Magic Lamp
Lady of Pekhet
Lady of the Place of the Beginning of Time
Lady of Plague
Lady of Power
Lady of the Rekhyt
Lady of the Scarlet-Colored Garment
Lady of Shores
Lady of Strength
Lady of the Tomb
Lady of Transformations
Lady of the Verdure
Lady of the Waters of Life
Lady of the Way of Five Bodies

At Whose Wish The Arts Were Born
Beautiful Eye Which Giveth Life To The Two Lands
Beautiful Face, Image Most Beloved By Art
Beloved Teacher
Bright Flame
Destroyer By Fire
Destroyer By Plagues
Eternal As Her Father
Great Serpent On The Head Of Her Father
Guide And Protectress From The Perils Of The Underworld
Light beyond Darkness
Mightier Than the Netjeru
Most Beautiful Among The Netjeru
Most Strong
Praised by Her Father
Pre-Eminent in the Castle of Fire
Pre-Eminent One in the Boat of Millions of Years
Unrivaled And Invincible One
Victorious One In Battles
Wadjet the Great
Wanderer in the Wastes

The Aware
The Beautiful Light
The Great Defender
The One Before Whom Evil Trembles
The Source of Power
The Uraeus Who Opens the Acacia Tree

Sekhmet of the Knives
Burner of Evildoers
Destroyer of Rebellions
Eater of Flame
Eldest of Her Creator
Eye of Ra
Eye of Heru
Giver of Ecstasies
Inspirer of Men
Mistress of Ankhtawy
Mistress of the Crowns
Mistress of Dread
Mistress of Enchantments
Mistress of the Two Lands
Mixture of the Night
Mother of the Dead
Mother of Images
Mother of the Netjeru
Opener of Ways
Overcomer of All Enemies
Overthrower of Qetu
Protectress of The Divine Order
Protectress of the Netjeru
Powerful of Heart
Queen of the Venerable Ones
Queen of the Wastelands
Roamer of Deserts
Satisfier of Desires
Shining of Countenance
Smiter of the Nubians
Sovereign of Ra

Sekhmet the Great!

This collection of titles is in no way complete, as there may be over 400 ancient epithets connected to Sekhmet. I will endeavour to collect as many as possible and will update the list as they are found.

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